Our Quality System Has Successfully Met The Strict Requirements Of The Airline Suppliers
Association And The FAA Advisory Circular #00-56
QUALITY SYSTEM ISO9001:2008.AS9120.2002
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We are major international suppliers of aircraft parts and equipment; supporting Airlines, Governments and Overhaul facilities around the world. P&R Trading upholds its commitment to service, along with quality and competitive pricing.  We have a FAA DAR on staff and can issue FAA 8130-3 forms for all commercial items.

We have been registered with the US State Department for many years.  We are very familiar with Itar compliance and can obtain state department export licenses for overseas military customers.

In addition to supplying parts for a variety of commercial and military aircraft, P&R Trading also provides Overhaul Services for a vast amount of rotable components and units. Our daily contact with many FAA overhaul agencies, enables us to consistently provide quick turnaround at competitive prices.

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